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Hi There!

I am an LA-based Story Artist and creator who lives and breathes comedy. I strive to push the boundaries of Animation as a medium and subvert expectation of what it means to make character-driven content with a fresh, offbeat and humorous perspective.  Throw in a decade plus of experience and credits from nearly every major studio and you've got yourself a stew, baby!

As the child of Ukrainian-Jewish immigrants, I provide a unique perspective on the American experience and work to uplift and support the voices of other under-represented communities through our common medium of Animation.

I grew up in Southern California and went to College in the Bay area, where I was part of a teeny tiny Animation Department at SFSU - in fact, in the beginning I was the only Art Major in  that focus, but I made the most of it and learned all that I could.  When the time came for me to leave, I set out to achieve my goals in Animation and I've been working in Story ever since!

I love to draw, but more so, I love to tell fun stories about complex, interesting character that kids (and adults alike) can really relate to. Also, who doesn't love to make people laugh?!  


For opportunities, please contact Alison Mann at Fourth Wall Management

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