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- Pearl Prefers Plants - 

Logline: How a human-obsessed vegan vampire and a goth with no friends save humanity from blood-thirsty triplets

This was an idea created by myself and developed within the DWA story department over a period of 12 weeks.  The goal was to source original ideas from within the feature story department, and also to offer creative leadership experience to up and coming filmmakers.

As one of 4 creators chosen for the
inaugural program, I was tasked with writing, directing, and editing a 3 min original trailer/sizzle reel to pitch to Development while also leading a story team of 4 artist, one trainee and one production person within a tight 12 weeks period.  My entire team, including myself were also working full time on other feature projects within DWA. Though this project was not the one optioned, the experience gave me the confidence to turn around and sell a different original idea directly to development the following year.  

- Rights were returned to creator in 2022 - please contact Alison Mann for more info-
                                                     - All Rights Reserved - 


Art by Arielle Rosenstein

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